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TinyNets are for learning network and system administration using virtual machines.

Here you will find the packages and instructions for seting up an enterprise style webmail system, complete with IPv4 subnets, nameserver, dhcp, LDAP, and essential security.

It is a TinyNet because each of the servers is tiny: the whole setup will run on host machines with only 1gb RAM, and it can be run from a 1gb USB drive!

Nine lab exercises walk you through the setup. Most of the services are partially configured, and can be used as a model for setting up the services on your favorite Linux distro - but remember, TinyNet configurations are optimised for demonstration, not production servers.
Also - be prepared to ignore your mouse! TinyNet servers are tiny bcause they do not have a desktop graphical user interface (GUI), but there are enough menu driven ncurses applications to make life a lot easier than a pure command line interface (CLI).

Release Notes

The reality is that there are new releases of both the linux kernel and Virtualbox every 1-3 months, which makes it impractical to keep current unless you have a very good reason! The practical approach is to get a base version where the critical features are stable, and upgrade when something that you need has changed. That's excatly what we have here - something to work with and learn from, which provides a solid foundation for moving upward and outward to new releases and distributions. So, work through this, then upgrade!

ALL SOFTWARE ON THIS SITE IS (re)DISTRIBUTED "As-Is" UNDER THE ORIGINAL LICENSE AND (lack of) WARRANTEE. Source code is readily available from various places. For details on versions and such, see the TinyNet Packages page under TinyNet Notes on the menu.