SAFEWATER ASIA SDN BHD (SAFEWATER™) is a private limited company based in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia situated on the Island of Borneo.  SAFEWATER™ manufactures and markets a full range of water purification equipment  capable of treating contaminated raw water sources such as inland wells, streams and rivers. Our systems are specifically designed to operate reliably under extreme conditions and provide potable water supplies to communities residing in the rural regions of South East Asia, where electricity is limited or non-existent. Our proprietary systems incorporate patented and advanced emerging water disinfection technologies which have been adapted to produce potable water of the highest standard on earth without the need for electricity.

Designed specifically to suit the demands of an emergency or rural deployment, our range of scalable point-of-use systems are affordable, quick to deploy, operate reliably with minimal skill required and produces potable water capable of exceeding even the highest drinking water safety standards.